Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Five Secrets of Amazing Sex

Want to have a home life filled with passion? Anyone can have sex. But, to have sex amazing, mind you have to participate. Here are five secrets of amazing sex are:

Flirting techniques
The first secret to maintain the heady passion with your partner is doing things tempting. Most people think they need to be seduced to feel sexy. Therefore, although tempting action, trivial necessary to excite. Find out, what can make him feel tempted and feeling sexy.

The second secret is all about the six senses. Absorb the energy between you and your partner, as well as remembering smell, touch, sound and taste. The six senses are often overlooked in a busy life, but without them sex boring.

The third secret is when you feel safe to surrender to the couple and have sex. If your mind is ready and senses feel alive, you need to feel with your partner, and your mind comes back to feel a connection with a partner.

If you enjoy live first three secrets, refleksikanlah experience and your feelings during sexual intercourse. If you feel you had a bad experience, such as lack of confidence or not easily aroused, find other ways to make sex a wonderful experience. Invite a partner to continue bereksprolasi lovemaking style.

Sense of comfort is needed in sex, try your mind and your partner as comfortable as possible, leave while the routines that can make your brain tired, start to think that the world just yours alone, at least as long as you and your partner having sex. 
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