Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Sex Variations

Want to add excitement as well as increase the life in your bedroom with your partner? If the answer is 'Yes', the desire was not hard to realize.

Latest book titled 'sizzling Sex', written by Dr Pam Spurr, offers a variety of suggestions and techniques that will bring you passionate sex life back.

In this book there are 250 recommendations covering about kissing technique, the position of 'naughty', sexy games with food and much more. Of all the tips, here are some of the best techniques from the book:

For women
1. Kissing: exploring the sensitive points with the he not only kissed her lips part, but also other body parts. This method will create an extraordinary sensation.

2. Pinched with exasperation: Slowly start by pinching your partner with exasperation. This action will make him feel very excited.

3. Sensational Kiss: A kiss is perfect for stimulating the couple on the sensitive parts of his body. This action will increase the intimacy you and your partner.

4. Bath: Ask him to take a bath together. Add some aromatherapy oil. Sex in the water will give you incredible sensations.

For men
5. Men have very sensitive feet. By stimulating specific points on the feet, you'll make it passionate.

6. While kissing, you can explore hands caressing her body. This will be a tremendous stimulus for  her. In general, men feel happy if he could think that their partner really wanted him. 
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