Monday, February 28, 2011

Stress is not Affect Fertility Therapy

Stress is often mentioned as a fertility booster. However, recent research presents evidence that emotional stress does not affect the program's success IVF or other fertility treatments.

The report, published in the British Medical Journal are answered during these myths believed about stress and pregnancy. To support his research, a team of experts from Cardiff University, analyzed 14 studies involving 3583 women.

The study analyzed the results of previous studies regarding the efficacy (success) artificial insemination procedures. In the 14 studies examined, women who were respondents in stress levels were measured before starting fertility treatment.

Their stress levels were measured using the technique of psychological measurement, including the character of the respondents, such as anxiety, stress, and depression that may be experienced.

In each study team of researchers looked at whether the women had been under stress before the start of therapy or before pregnancy. The results showed that stress had no effect on the success of pregnancy or not. Women who suffer from stress are known to have the same chance of pregnancy as women who do not stress.

"There are many myths about the success of pregnancy. Women who did not conceive at the beginning of fertility treatments are usually blamed himself because he is stressed. The effort was also successful therapy that will make them grow to stress. The results of this study could be against that myth," said professor Jack Boivin, lead researcher.

Even so experts recommend that women do not ignore the stress experienced. "While stress had no effect on the therapy, but patients will need support and understanding from people around him should not be ignored," said Clare Lewis-Jones of the institution Infertility Network UK. 
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