Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder (SADD) Effects Due to Bad Pornography Addiction

In the health world, watch a porno movie or a pornographic image is known to help improve the quality of sexual intercourse has declined. But do not overdo it let alone addiction. Men who are addicted, in the long term, the vulnerable have sexual problems.

Studies show men who indulge themselves with visual stimuli such as pornography, susceptible to interference, which is called Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder (SADD). In the long run, the sufferer will be difficult to have a healthy sexual relationship with her partner. Therefore, stimulus sex can only be triggered by visual or graphical images, not real women

SADD can be traced from several main reasons.

Explicit form, such as pornography, pedophilia, voyeurism, sexual activity more than two persons and other deviant activities cause insensitivity during lovemaking. In the long run, they will be difficult to feel pleasure with normal sexual activity. Thus, they tend to feel sexual deviate as the need for maintaining sexual arousal remains high.

Sexual activity with a stimulus picture or video porn makes someone difficult when stimulated couples. This is what causes problems in marriage in a long time.

Other common causes of SADD is sexual intercourse with multiple partners before marriage. Because many couples accustomed to hard burst the sex drive in only one spouse.

Male sex addiction usually has a picture of how women should be. And couples who do not fit his expectations may lead to disappointment that affect the sex drive. Intense communication will help him escape from this problem.

Different from general addiction, cure sexual addiction is very complicated and take a long time. It is better to keep children and youth from pornography early on.

There are several ways to handle:

1. Eliminate pornography
When passion peaked, better memory and historical memory of your erotic than looking at pornographic pictures or videos.

2. Close to couples
Sharing sexual fantasies and not shy to experiment to make physical and sexual arousal is maintained. 
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