Sunday, March 13, 2011

Caring For Vagina Fragrant

Already know yet, how to care for sweet and fragrant vagina ...., typically Some women have a habit of doing douching (cleaning the vagina by using a specific tool) after the menstrual period. The reason? For gross blood during menstruation can be cleaned out to the fullest. In fact, menstruation is actually a natural process that is not dirty.

Should do douching on the recommendation of a doctor. One clean, even can kill good bacteria that is actually needed by the vagina. The next Avoid the habit of using fragrances in the intimate area. This includes when we choose a thin pads (panty liners). Now many find panty liners who accompanied fragrances, to keep our feminine scent intimate areas.

Possible reactions that could happen after that is the irritation or allergy. For owners of sensitive skin, avoid using liquid fabric softener when washing clothes or underwear. We recommend using a mild soap and fragrance free, then take a shower using a gentle soap. Never rub the area around the vagina with a loofah or body brush.

Make safe sex. That is, look if your partner is suffering from venereal diseases such as herpes or other. In the case of some couples, the husband did not realize that they are experiencing dangerous disease, which last check contraceptives regularly.

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