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8 Sex Position Lotus Kamasutra

Famous as a high art of lovemaking. Classic works of art about sex and lovemaking skills were written in the 3rd century AD. Kamasutra teaching style and full of sexual position art, the lotus position is the position of your most favorite and wife / husband must try it!

Lotus Blooms

The position of woman lying on her back legs as wide open as possible, lowered his head and lifting the middle parts of his body. Party embraced the middle man to facilitate entry into the Mr. Penis. This position can feel a different sensation.

Lotus bud

Approximately the same position as above, except that this section of the women raised both her thighs and let it remain wide open and then to penetrate. When doing this position, he can move forward and back, also can do zig zag motion.

Bending Lotus

The woman bent her knees so that the thighs and legs attached to each other and lying down sideways. Whereas the man could 'attack' from the position of the easiest. This position in the Kamasutra is called the position of Indrani. This position requires repetitive practice. Because his style is unusual and included in the stage of high levels of sexual relations.

Lotus Lock

Both legs of men and women stretched straight out to the pair of each, tailored to the sleeping habits of each pair. On his side, the man should always lie with the left side of his body. While the woman lying on her side on her right side.

Lotus Press

If it is in the locked position, then women pressing toward Mr. Mrs. Vagina Penis partner with both thighs. Pressure from the front to the back of the strong against the penis will encounter extraordinary love of art though somewhat difficult. But the difficulty was obtained enjoyment of art.

Lotus Hugging

The position of women one of her thighs across the thigh is placed on the couple. This position is very easy, relaxed and not too convoluted. Done while sitting face to face, while embracing each other's hands. Kisses and hugs tightly couples deepen intimacy. Occasionally a woman can release rangkulannya and holding in his hand.

Lotus Hemisphere

The woman put one leg over the shoulder partner, the other leg stretched straight out in front. Then legs stretched it is placed above the shoulder of her lover. Keep the foot that was placed above the shoulder stretched out, then do this position in turn.

Hanging lotus

The man propped himself on a wall, and the woman sitting on her partner's hands held together and prop her ass. The woman put her hands on the man's neck and then put both her legs in the male waist. While moving her with both feet touching the wall where the back of a man.

Good luck! And satisfy Spouse you!
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