Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Overcoming Breast Acne

Acne can not only grow in areas of the face, but also in all parts of the body including the breast. That's because acne can arise when the oil clogging the hair follicles.

The breast there are as many oil glands in the facial area. Fine hair follicles in these areas can also be blocked, especially when the weather is hot and sweaty body

To prevent the growth of acne on the breast area, make sure you bathe regularly and thoroughly clean breast. When the bra feels sweaty and wet, immediately replace it with a new bra. The most important thing is you have to keep the breast is always in a dry state.

Also use a light moisturizer that contains antioxidants to prevent acne and wrinkles at the parts of the breast. For maintenance, clean the breast with a liquid cleanser containing salicylic acid, Cucumber or azulene. Such materials can keep the pores clean and prevent excess oil.

Wearing a bra tops and cotton, especially when hot weather or during exercise can also be the solution to prevent acne on the breast. Kantun material is quite comfortable to use and can absorb sweat easily.

To overcome the acne on the breast area, you can use cream acne medications containing benzoyl peroxide 5 percent. Formula is working to shrink and dry up the pimple.

As a step towards prevention and care, also use a special mud mask for the breast. Not only to prevent acne, but also can make the breasts become firmer. 
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