Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sex Headaches?

Do you often get headaches before or during intercourse? This is apparently common place especially during orgasm.The pain is stabbing and throbbing head was usually occurs a few seconds during orgasm. In addition to headaches, neck pain are also commonly accompanies activity leading to orgasm like masturbation or oral sex.

The increase in sexual desire often lead to tightening of the neck and jaw muscles, which occurs gradually over several minutes before orgasm. This condition is generally not last long.

Headache during intercourse could not be more than 30 minutes. It can strike any time of orgasm. However, not infrequently also disappeared suddenly.

Although not need to worry, this condition can be a sign of a problem that affects the blood vessels supply nutrients to the brain. Consult your doctor if you experience this pain suddenly.

In some cases, sudden headache during intercourse is a response to increased blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, it could also be a sign of bleeding around the brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage).
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