Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Benefits of Sex The Powerful Overcome Stress

Stress on personal issues or work in the office? Are you currently does not seem to enjoy life? Well, here is a solution that proved successful. Make love with your husband! Want to know how sex is effective in reducing the stress you feel?

1 Breathe. Inhale deeply. This will help calm yourself. Breathing can help overcome the stress that you experience. The result was not in a short time. But, with a routine to do it, you will immediately feel less anxiety and tension.

2 Sports. Sex can also be a fun exercise. Your body will actually sweat out while making love, just like when you're in the gym to burn calories.

But it depends also how you make love, if you do it with enthusiasm and full of movement, you can burn more calories.

3 Mutual support. The husband and wife who lack intimacy, level of stress is more severe than those who have more intimate with each other.

Emotional closeness through sexual activity will make you better in managing stress, and can improve health, and live longer.

4 Touch. Many studies have shown that good stress management techniques can be done through the touch of skin. Touching or massaging each other during sex is very good for your emotional health.

5 Endorphins. Involvement in sexual activity can become stressed because of drug release endorphins. Endofrin essential to life, because it may cause a sense of comfort with oneself, and lead happy and unhappy.

But unfortunately, sometimes that is too heavy stress will affect the level of libido. But, quietly, you can try the following ways to enhance sexual drive.

6 Healthy food. Healthy foods will help reduce stress because it can stabilize blood sugar levels.

7 Listening to soft music. Researchers have found that music therapy can provide health benefits such as improved immune function and lower blood pressure. Then, in addition to reducing stress levels, also can increase your sex drive.

8 Lighting. Creating such lighting in your bedroom can also provide a relaxed atmosphere. Then you can eliminate stress and help create a romantic atmosphere.

9 intimate conversation. As mentioned earlier, you need a familiarity to get a healthy life. A good conversation with the couple will build a strong bond and can reduce stress. 
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