Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 Deadly Kiss

Did you include a good kisser, or a great kisser (Hot kisser)?
Accomplished kisser is one who kiss the same way as you. So, basically anyone can become a good kisser for someone (your wife or husban). But if you try experimenting with a particular style or movement, sometimes your partner may not enjoy the KISS that you do. Often times, we are already adults were sometimes still like to smooch with a variety of styles, expect your partner to enjoy a kiss like that.

There are some other things that could be a sign that you're pretty good at kissing. let us learn, if you include this kind

1. You can synchronize the movement of your lips with lip partner
I do not know whether this is due to chemistry, instinct, or
whatever, but there are people who know just how to do it. Your lips, for example, just adjusting to her lips without much effort. Maybe your spouse is technically follow how your lips, but things did not feel like it. In short, you both live to open your lips together, at the same speed, then automatically put her lips together firmly.

2. You do not kiss anyone else in the same way
For example, the way you kiss your ex is different to the way you kiss with your partner now. If you can sync with one guy, you can not smell exactly the same manner and in sync with another man. Of course there are other styles to kiss, but with chemistry, you can simply adapt.

3. You do not bite or suck the upper lip or lower lip pair
Many people who try to make her partner impressed, by biting or sucking lips. However, it is actually not necessary. When this happens, what happens is simple: you both do not kiss with unison again. You just wait for him to complete the action, which is a solo act.

4. You do not rush to involve tongue
You wait until you're "old enough" to play around with the tongue. Moreover, not everyone likes to do French kissing. There is also a more enjoy a kiss by way of "chewing" or chewed her lip. A little tongue so-so, but do not let your tongue leave your mouth. Let your tongue play around in the mouth without being seen. You can be the one who uses the tongue, or you both do it well. Do not forget, men tend to wet kissing. Or, he traveled with his tongue almost into your throat. Do not let him too far and you're uncomfortable own!

5. You use a lip balm
Imagine, if you have to wet her lips with saliva first before kiss the him. Can-can, your partner lost his passion with you. Wet her lips with saliva will only make your lips more dry. You do not need to spend too much effort, just use lip balm to prevent lips dry and chapped.

6. You know how to make the lips relaxed
When the kiss, the lips are not tense, but remain relaxed. Give the same pressure when you apply the lip balm earlier. Not too hard or too soft. If the couple kissed with too soft and light, there would be no taste, no? The kiss will only be a kiss or even a light touch of lips. If you do, the he may think you do not want to kiss him.

7. You do not care whether you are thin lips while he's thick lips, or vice versa.
Sensation while kissing is not affected by the thick-thin lips, although some say that the full lips more kissable. Stay confident, and give you a great kiss.
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