Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tranquilizers sentences Arguments

Quarrel with the spouse does not have to always end badly. The quarrel is natural for each partner. But most important is how you and your partner through the process and return to hubungan.Banyak way you can do to re-warm relations after the fight occurred.

It is there that you can 22 sentences reveals, to calm the emotions, Let's just say one of the following sentence during an argument with the couple to calm the situation and relations warmed again.

1. Try to understand my point of view
2. Wait, can I appeal again?
3. You do not have to finish it, enough for me to talk to you.
4. This is very important for me, please listen.
5. Sorry, I overreacted.
6. I saw you in a difficult position.
7. I can see my share in this.
8. I do not think like that before.
9. I could be wrong.
10. We can agree or disagree on this.
11. It's not just your problem, but our problem.
12. I do not feel appreciated.
13. We've been out of the main problems.
14. You've convinced me.
15. Please, keep talking to me.
16. I realize this is not your fault.
17. Everything looks wrong sometimes.
18. I also make the problem bigger.
19. Actually what we are debating?
20. How can so I can make things better?
21. Forgive me.
22. I love you. 
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