Saturday, February 26, 2011

How long does a Husband and Wife Can Stay Romantic?

Every couple husband and wife must crave romantic domestic life. But, that really matter, how long such feelings can last in marriage?

According to the results of a survey of two thousand couples involving BetterBathrooms, apparently romantic feelings will slowly fade, since the marriage through the first year.

The survey describes the honeymoon period the average marriage lasts no more than 14 months. After that period ends,
husband and wife will rarely express feelings of affection and love one another.

Since then, she begins to show the attitude of careless and not too concerned about the appearance the best I've done during the early days of marriage. For example, no longer wearing a dress or makeup just so spurious.

While men, began to show a bad attitude. For example, forget to shave or leave the toilet door open after use.

All who had a romantic attitude, along with the older age of marriage, each partner will show the attitude and genuine nature. For example, the way family planning, how to spend money, get things done, and further shows the usual bad habits before marriage.

Openness and a sense of tolerance is needed in dealing with this, certainly with the intention and effort that we must fix these attitudes, starting with ourselves, if you want the good times back.
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