Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secret "Click" on the First Date

First date can be regarded as the initial determinant of the continuation of the relationship. Feeling "connected" or click one another when the first date is important. Most people believe these feelings occur naturally, in a way that seems almost magical.

But by Rom and Ori Brafman in his book "Click: The Magic of Instant Connections, it's not magic", a particular behavior, and several factors can help predict whether you and he have a mental connection that makes sense "click" or not. Here are five ways
by Rom and Ori Brafman could create a "click", as quoted by Marie Claire.

1. Childhood stories
Childhood stories are always fun to be listened to. You can tell the experience while in school or childhood friends. Just tell me things that light, silly or fun. This way you actually send a message to him that he can be trusted. Not only that, telling childhood can also be a marker when you begin to open and feel comfortable with him.

2. Let the him know if you feel happy
When spending time with him and you feel happy, do not be shy to express it. You can say "I love the place that you choose" or when he got home as he drove home just say "very exciting tonight." This is an indication that can be read clearly by it if you feel comfortable with him. So, he's not busy second-guessing himself.

3. Do not say negative things
Foods that your message is less tasty, or where you meet less comfortable, do not immediately complain. Complaints are destructive atmosphere. Better to focus your mind on positive things. This will be a lot more fun and make a first date be more comfortable.

4. Spontaneous
If you suddenly have exciting ideas for dating more fun, just ask him. Suppose you want to play bowling or try a new restaurant. On the first date would be better if you behave like a fun friend for dating atmosphere are not rigid and more exciting.

5. Ask a question
Show your curiosity about him by asking questions. Ranging from hobbies, favorite readings or other things that she liked. This will create a more fluid conversation, you and he had to "click". 
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