Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is Obsession for Men and Women About Kissing?

When love is present, kissing lips often become an important element to reveal the flavor. It happened so naturally when two pairs of lips are locked. Not only deepen the emotional connection, a kiss is also beneficial for health.

Apart from positive effects, such as what a kiss really want every pair of couple? Basically, men and women have different obsessions of every kiss that happened. 

Men prefer a kiss that can enhance sexual arousal. While women prefer to kiss intense, long lasting.

Women tend to use kissing to increase the emotional bond with a partner. While men use it as a bridge to link seksual.Baik men and women think interaction is very important and intimate kissing. Both sexes use a kiss to measure the suitability of relationships themselves and their partners.

Both men and women also claimed to be losing interest in her partner due to bad experience when kissing. In fact, women can consider to end the relationship because of a bad kiss.

He feels a lot stronger and feel a kiss should lead to sex. Men kissing couples primarily to stimulate their passion. 
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