Sunday, February 27, 2011

5 Steps of Hugging Up to kiss that can cause Formidable effects

Habits give a warm hug, holding hands, even giving a warm kiss to your partner, will give a large positive effect for the life together. In addition to strengthening the relationship, the positive effect is also increased happiness and health of the body, and mind each other. All right, let's discuss the benefits and its formidable effects:

1. Hug
This is one of the best ways to tell how much he makes your life feel safe. Hugs also will make your partner feel comfortable because hugging increase oxytocin levels that reduce stress levels. Hugging also can reduce blood pressure, thus protecting you from heart disease. Also,

will strengthen the bonds of your relationships and lead to a better sex life.

2. Holding hands
Holding hands is a great way to tell your partner that you care. Holding hands also help reduce pain. When the couple complained of headaches, try to hold her hand or hug him warmly, a few moments later, you'll see him smile. Action This is a small and modest attitude which is also the antidote when you're scared or sad.

3. Fondling
Movements such as touching the hair of your partner, gently patted his shoulder, walking, with his hands around his waist or his neck, was able to make your partner feel very special because the skin is the largest organ of our body is very sensitive and has some nerve endings. When feeling a touch or caress, the skin will send a good signal to the brain that makes you happy.

Give the him a good joke every day and this will make you both happy. It reaffirms your relationship, which in turn makes you feel optimistic.

4. Surprise
Surprise will feel very special if you take it in unexpected moments because it's your body produces more endorphins or happy hormones in your body.

5. Kiss
Providing good-night kiss to express to your partner or give a kiss in the morning can strengthen the bonds of relationship together. kissing can reduce cortisol, or stress hormones.
Kissing makes you and your partner feel cared for and feel valued. Kissing also boost immunity. As known to many germs that live in the mouth and kissing triggers the production of antibodies that help you fight foreign bacteria. It also helps to fight pain. 
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