Sunday, February 27, 2011

5 Tips Sexual Life Pumped Back

A lot of married couples in a household was getting bored with your sex life with your partner. It is still quite reasonable, especially if you are already married for years.

If you want to restore the warmth and pleasure on the bed and re-animate your sex life that began to dim, you can follow the tips below.

1. Enhance foreplay
Foreplay is believed to help improve the closeness of each pair. Because this activity will bring a sense of comfort in the body. You can do this through massage or bath together.

2. Find a new place
Sexual activity can be done in various places in your home, so do not think only in the bedroom. Pick a place that if called to do so. Change this location also gave birth to a new scene that needed to ignite your passion. Consider the living room, bathroom, dining table, carpet in front of the TV, swimming pool, the back seat of a car.

3. Talk a little naughty
Although many people are not too interested in taking this idea, turned out to speak a little naughty with your partner, also has huge benefits. For example, give him whisper tenderly before sexual activity.

Or try to leave a little note on his side before he wakes up. This entry contains the message of the night or taking out a plan to meet at a certain place to do something 'hot'. Or, you can also enter a naughty message to her lunch box.

4. Surprise
This is one of the best ways to increase sexual excitement. Try having sex outside the regular schedule. For example, in the morning before leaving for work. You also can give him a surprise with an intimate seduction in the movies love.

5. Appearance
To avoid boring, start now leave the habit is not too concerned about the appearance. You both should be equally dressed up because it's not fair if only your spouse are dressed. 
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