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Dangers Chicken Pox in Pregnancy

Smallpox can strike people of all ages. Disease caused by Varicella virus can usually be cured. But if it infects pregnant women, can increase the risk of complications in mother and infant.

If the pregnant woman had a history of chickenpox infection or been immunized, antibodies against this virus will be transferred to the baby through the placenta. Pregnant women will be immune and do not have to worry about complications for themselves and their babies.

Incidence of chickenpox infection during pregnancy is approximately 0.05 to 0.07 percent. The amount is small because most fertile women already have immunity to varicella, but if the chicken pox acquired during the third trimester,
the risk of varicella pneumonia occur is greater. Potentially threatening varicella pneumonia lung.

Chicken pox that occurred during the first trimester of pregnancy, especially weeks 8-12, have an increased risk of congenital varicella syndrome by 2.2 percent, the syndrome of birth defects in babies.

The most common condition is a scarring of the skin. Other abnormalities can include headache, eye problems, low birth weight, and mental retardation.

If the infection of chicken pox occur when approaching or about a week before delivery, infants at risk of contracting varicella infection.

The spread of varicella infection occurs when the virus infects the newborn before protective antibodies transferred from mother to infant. Infection with this virus can cause infant mortality by 25 percent.

If chickenpox infection occurred between the time 20 weeks of pregnancy until near birth is not too risky for babies, but more for his mother. The mother had a chance of pneumonia about 10 percent of chicken pox that can result in severe and life threatening.

Pregnant women are exposed to chicken pox can be treated with the antiviral drug acyclovir safe. However, if the mother's condition is severe enough, should be hospitalized to prevent complications.

Babies born to mothers infected with chicken pox a few days before giving birth, must be given VZlg (Varicella-Zozter lg) shortly after birth. Meanwhile, if the baby is exposed to varicella in the first two weeks of life should be treated with IV acyclovir.

To know is there any antibodies against Varicella virus, pregnant women should get the antibody test during the first pregnancy examination.
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