Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs Men Want to Make Love

Most married men not shy about showing signals in the mood to have sex with a partner. But as a wife, if you can catch the signs?

For life on the bed is more excited, you certainly should be able to know the meaning of the sign which he gave. Well, what kind of signals are given when the couple was in the mood 'in action' in the bedroom? Here are tips for you.

Experiencing the 'erection eye'
If observed, the man who was wanted sex, there will be changes in the eye. For example, the pupils of the eyes and the black eye will be enlarged. It could be a sign of her being there was a big passion.

He often touched noses
Unless he is having the flu, repeatedly touching the nose also can be a sign the he was wanted to make love. In the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine recently reported, the nerves in the nose of a man and his erection networks connected to each other.

Speaking more in than usual
A study conducted in 2010 found, a man tends to lower the tone of voice, when his passion is rising. Not only that, usually, the man who demanded sex tend to prefer to embrace his partner's shoulder.

he bit his lower lip
Men who do this when they're talking to a woman may feel like I'm teasing you.

Linking finger on belt
This is an effort to highlight the intimate and expect women also think about and imagine the pleasure of lovemaking.

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