Monday, February 28, 2011

Cause Too Tired for Sex

Do you feel the pressure of busyness ruin your sex life? Seven out of ten couples too tired to have sex because of the crowded bustle, bustle of social life, long working hours, time is wasted on the road because of traffic jams, take care of the child. That all is the biggest trigger fatigue couples to enjoy intimate moments.

Did you know that from 1000 people, half say no to sex couples in the past month because of fatigue. Also known one-fifth say 'no' to sex in the past week. Two-thirds of people also admitted they only have time and energy to make love on the weekends when they do not have to get up early the next day.

It seems that many people who feel tired and prefer to sleep after a long activities or caring for family and children. Instead of getting quality time with your partner, they prefer to rest.

Another factor that greatly affects the sex life is the lack of sleep is the most common reason why many couples feel tired for sex. While long working hours was second. Here are five main reasons why many people feel tired for sex.

1. Poor sleep quality
2. Long working hours
3. The pair came home too late
4. Children often get up in the middle of the night
5. The flurry of social life
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