Friday, February 25, 2011

Breathing Exercises

This exercise is quite simple and will greatly assist you in doing the other exercises in addition to the main on ejaculate control.

Now, try lying on the floor with the supine position. You may give reasons on the floor with a carpet or blanket or whatever you feel comfortable lying on it, provided that the base does not change the alignment lay you such as cotton mattress is usually bumpy and not flat.

Lay your body perfectly, do not let any body part that is raised, because you have to be really relaxed.

Put both your Iengan beside your body and begin to breathe regularly and deeply. Do it slowly, breathe a deep breath and exhale slowly as well.

Now, concentrate so that you do "abdominal breathing". This means when you inhale deeply, then the air will enter the cavity of your stomach and makes it bulge filled the air. If you are not sure, you can put one palm of your hand on her stomach, and notice whether your hand a little upward pressure with your stomach while breathing.

You should breathe through the nose or mouth, whichever you think is more convenient. If you are sure to perform this abdominal breathing, now do it gradually, in intervals of at least 5 seconds for each attraction and gusts of breath. Do it with a casual and relaxed for 5 minutes.

Next, get up and stand up, keep doing abdominal breathing slowly and relaxing. Then start running in place, at first slowly and progressively faster and faster until you can no longer run because your breath was panting.

Once this condition is reached, pelankan your running speed, more and more slowly and finally stopped. At that point you would no longer perform abdominal breathing, but on the contrary do chest breathing.

Now, concentrate your mind, do abdominal breathing. In the same way, slowly and in intervals of at least 5 seconds. You may have difficulty because of the pressure condition of breath you're going through, but do not give up, concentrate your mind and keep trying to do abdominal breathing slowly, deeply and relax.

Once you've run the normal breath and relax for 5 minutes, start running in place anymore in a way as above. Only this time really concentrating so you keep doing abdominal breathing while you are running as tight as any.

It is not easy, but try and try so that you can as long as possible to do abdominal breathing. One thing that prevents you to do abdominal breathing is kondlsi when you breath, the condition is caused by lack of oxygen in your lungs so that forces you to breathe into the chest quickly.

So in essence this practice also trains you to improve your breathing stamina. You must do this breathing exercise at least 4 times a week, but daily exercise is recommended.

Good luck! 
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